About Me


I AM Lester' illustrations come straight from my imagination. I've always loved art and design, but I didn't focus on my illustration (or even know that I had it in me) till much later in life - a solid decade into my design career. My style is whimsical, often kooky, creative & poppy, and usually, but not always, full of color. I often draw by hand, but I just recently discovered procreate which is kinda love at first sight. I love using different mediums and methods and have always love hybrid art. 

Early on teachers always said that my style was totally different to everyone else. I did not like this, and I actually stopped drawing for a very long time. In time, I understood that different is good, and something to embrace. I attended Canada’s leading school for Interior Design because ... drumroll... my work was different. I was completely under-qualified as I hadn't taken art as an elective till my last year of High School so that I could get into Ryerson. It was very intimidating and I wasn't sure I belonged, but I was later selected for international competitions and studied abroad; my work consistently reviewed as being unique and unlike anyone else’s. Hey, I'll take it. 

I made my way to NYC armed with just a hockey bag of clothes and a pocket's worth of cash. Within a year I worked on tour design for Beyonce, Gwen Stefani and Prince; and a few years later founded ‘this is Lester' (www.thisislester.com)  an experiential, design, & events company. Moving to Los Angeles brought me a new wave of creative inspiration: the doodles became more prominent, and now I am launching my stationery + goodies!